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What is PPC?

As opposed to other types of advertising, where you pay per view of an ad, or for the period of time an ad is displayed, with PPC you only pay when your ad is clicked on. When and where your ad is shown is fully customizable and your ads are deployed as soon as your campaign is launched.

When to use PPC

PPC can be a great way to launch a new product or services, highlight an offering, fill in a gap period until your site appears in the organic search results or just generate new revenue fast!

With a SEO campaign aimed at organic search rankings, it can take quite sometime to have your site start appearing. With PPC ads, you can create a new campaign and have it up and running, targeting the the exact audience you would like to reach, the same day!

We have developed a proprietary method for PPC campaigns, which reduces costs and maximizes exposure in a highly targeted way. Every campaign is tailored to your unique business and market. Contact us to discuss what a PPC campaign for your industry would look like.